Iot based weather station

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Weather station can be described as an instrument or device, which provides us with the information of the weather in our neighbouring environment. For example it can provide us with details about the surrounding temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. Hence, this device basically senses the temperature, pressure, humidity, light intensity, rain value. There are various types of sensors present in the prototype, using which all the aforementioned parameters can be measured.

As mentioned earlier, IoT enables not only Human-Human interaction, but also Human-Device interaction as well as Device-Device interaction. This particular development in the shape of new avenues of interactions will impact essentially every industry such as transportation and logistics, energy, healthcare etc. For example, in the case of energy, IoT is being applied to create Smart Grids which can detect and respond to changes in local and broader level changes in energy consumption, which is going to be an integral part of any nations energy policy. Looking beyond the aforementioned energy example, there are many areas of interests where IoT can make a meaningful impact such as, Smart Homes, which involve IoT to heighten the degree of automation; Wearable technologies such as smart watches and fitness bands; One of the biggest areas of potential in IoT is connected healthcare.

Earlier people staying in home and busy in their household chores or people busy in their offices workload had no idea about the environmental parameters outside their home or office. They have no idea if the temperature outside is quite high or quite low or normal or if it is raining outside or not or what is the value of the humidity in the outside environment. This device can come in quite a handy in these situations. It will notify us whenever the temperature is too low or too high through an e-mail, an SMS and a twitter post. It will also automatically notify whenever there is a downpour in the surrounding and remind us to carry an umbrella or a raincoat. . It will also greet us with good morning and good evening messages as it also has an LDR which measures the light intensity of the surrounding environment

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