“RO plant installation and manufacturing company”

EA Tech Corporation is the leading Reverse osmosis -RO plant Installation Company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. When it comes to a sense of trust for water treatment and solutions, we offer a complete RO plant set up for commercial and industrial usage. Our aim is to provide the purest drinking water to society. We offer services like installation, maintenance, and repair of the RO plants. We are the best in terms of designs, durability, and excellent performance. The RO plants installed by us are quite cost-effective as very little maintenance is required after installation. We ensure greater satisfaction to the customers as we are standing more than 10 years in this business.


What do we offer in RO Plant installation?

A wide range of plants from .25KLPH to 1000KLPH and more depends upon the industry size
•Well-organized and world-class design
•Complete monitoring and tracking system
•The maximum TDS removal
•Long life of membranes and reduced fouling of the membrane
•Excellent water quality
•Smooth operations and low maintenance requirement
•Plug and play
•Cost-effective and useful

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