Pump installation and commissioning

Before commissioning and starting up of any equipment some preparation must be done. There will be some mandatory requirements , that should be fulfilled. So Process Pump is not an exception. At the same time process pumps, being vibration prone and sensitive, the utmost care has to be exercised. So before starting up the pump set, make sure that the following requirements are met:

• The pump set has been properly connected to the electric power supply and is equipped with all protective devices.
• The pump has been primed with the fluid to be handled.
• The direction of rotation has been checked. (The correct direction of rotation of motor and pump is in the clockwise direction (seen from the motor end))
• All auxiliary connections required are connected and operational.
• The lubricants have been checked.

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Pump Commissioning Checklist

The commissioning of Process Pumping systems is a complex process that requires a structured approach. A pump commissioning checklist validates the operation of pumps through correct installation, proper lubrication, and simulation of instrumentation and protection devices. The following checklist highlights some of the areas that need to be verified when commissioning pumping systems

• Pumps in place and properly grouted, anchoring installed as per specification
• Pump tag and nameplate permanently affixed
• Pump House environment clean with adequate access for maintenance
• Distribution piping complete, including pipe fittings and accessories, bleed and makeup water lines and safety reliefs; piping type and flow direction labeled on piping, non return valves properly tagged
• System flushing complete and strainers cleaned
• Required valves and balancing valves installed and balancing completed; TAB report reviewed for pump flows, pressure or head, electrical data
• Temperature, pressure, and flow gauges and float sensors installed per specification; test ports installed near all control sensors
• Flow switch and flow meters installed as required and per specification
• Expansion tanks verified to not be air-bound and system completely full of water
• Air vents and bleeds at high points of systems functional
• Vibration isolation devices installed and functional
• Factory alignment/field alignment correct
• No visible leaks
• Pump lubricated
• Automatic valves stroke fully and close tightly
• Pump electrical supply disconnects in place and labeled; all electrical connections tight
• Motor safeties in place and operable
• All control devices, tubing, and wiring complete; control system interlocks hooked up and functional
• Water treatment system or plan installed
• VFD commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Specific commissioning actions will depend on the type and extent of the system to be commissioned.

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